Idahoans on loan to the world

Idaho's Hall of Fame

    The IHF’s mission is to introduce Idaho’s Past and Present, those men, women, businesses and organizations who have made a positive impact on their communities, the state, the nation and in some cases the world, to Idaho’s greatest resource - the Future of Idaho - her youth. Those individuals and organizations being inducted epitomize that statement.

    2014 Inductee's

    Jackson Sundown

    NezPerce County - Jackson Sundown was born Waaya-Tonah-Toesits-Kahn in 1863, most likely in Montana, and was a member of the Nez Perce band that was later led by Chief Joseph. The Nez Perce were skilled horsemen...
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    Darrell Kerby

    Boundary County - Darrell Kerby was born and raised in Bonners Ferry in northern Idaho. After graduating high school there, he enrolled at the University of Idaho and earned a degree in Education...
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    Dr. William Judson Boone

    Canyon County - Dr. William Judson Boone was born November 5, 1860 in Canonsburn, Pennsylvania. He grew up and graduated from high school in Washington County. In 1880, he enrolled at the University of Wooster...
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    Major General Dennis B. Hague

    Kootenai County - Dennis “Denny” Hague was born in Kellogg, Idaho in 1937 and graduated from Coeur d’Alene High School in 1954. He enrolled at the University of Idaho in Moscow, joined the Air Force ROTC program...
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    Craig Rowan, DVM

    Washington County - Craig Rowan was born in New York City in 1923 and grew up in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. As a young boy, he was fascinated by animals and kept small reptiles and frogs as...
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    James L. “Doc” Taylor

    Twin Falls County - James L. Taylor—better known as “Doc”—was instrumental in the founding of the College of Southern Idaho and leading as the institution’s president for its first seventeen years. Originally dean of the Idaho...
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    John & Tom Richards

    Kootenai County - John Morgan Richards and William Thomas “Tom” Richards, identical twins, were born on March 17, 1937 in Spokane, Washington and shortly after moved to Hayden Lake, Idaho, where they were raised. Their grandfather ran the Atlas Tie Sawmill.......
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    Bud Purdy

    Blaine County - Leonard “Bud” Purdy was born in Beatrice, Nebraska on January 2nd, 1918 and moved with his mother and brother to California shortly after. As a child, he worked for his grandfather...
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    Greg Carr

    Bonneville County - Greg Carr was born in Idaho Falls in 1959, the youngest of seven children to Taylor, a surgeon, and Betty, a homemaker. He was an imaginative child...
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    Scott and Mary Lou Reed

    Kootenai County - Scott Reed was born in 1928 and received his undergraduate degree from Princeton University, followed by a law degree from Stanford Law School. After...
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    How We Came to Be

    The Dream that became a Reality.....
    It began in 1985, an idea, a tribute to a famous man which never came about. Because of Harmon Killebrew, one of Baseball's Greatest Legends, the concept of honoring "Idaho's Own" materialized.
    A late winter morning found George Klenck, Jr., a resident and business owner of Payette,Idaho returning from a service call in a neighboring community. As he approached the city limits of Payette his gaze fell upon the large white dome that graced the Payette High School grounds. His imagination ran away with him a bit....instead of a white dome, he was visualizing a Large White Baseball, red stitching, and an autograph along its surface...........HARMON KILLEBREW.
    George envisioned dedicating the world's largest "baseball" to one of America's finest sports heroes. Upon his return home, he excitedly told his mother, Dee Klenck, about his idea. What a tribute to a hometown boy who had successfully made his mark in the Big Leagues! With a joint effort they pursued their plan even to the point that they had out of state concerns willing to back this enterprise but it was never realized.
    Despite the setback all was not lost........Dee took the original idea one step further....and a large step it proved to be. A search that has spanned almost twenty years grew from an idea that some said "Would Never Work". She contacted the local museum, the Payette High School, city librarians, and anyone else, who could furnish the names of the students from Payette High School's graduating classes, including the first in 1895. Her investigations led her to local senior citizens who were able to furnish her with more information on past graduates. The more time she spent with the research, the more excited she became. She began to learn about the great achievements many of these people had accomplished.
    Extensive inquiry disclosed individuals from all walks of life, Educators, Business Men and Women, Entertainers, Sports as well as Historical Figures and the list goes on.......... They were not only from Payette, but from all over Idaho. It was then that Dee felt that these people should be honored, perhaps in a unique building grand enough to reflect the pride of Idaho. She located a lithograph of Idaho's award winning log structure that was sent to the Columbian Exposition for the Chicago World's Fair in 1893. Upon seeing the lithograph, she strongly felt this was the building that would be most worthy for the Idaho's Hall of Fame inductees.
    She obtained a detailed article from the Idaho Historical Society, written by Don Hibbard, describing certain facts about the buildings structure. The architect of the structure, Kirtland K. Cutter, was the foremost designer of the Northwest at that time. His creativeness could be seen in seven states and Europe. Mr. Cutter had lived in Spokane, Washington and the Cheney Cowles Museum in Spokane, had obtained 36 pages of his drawings, which were on linen. They told Dee that they could reproduce the drawing, and if these drawings could be brought to code the building could be constructed again.
    Although the Future Home of Idaho's Hall of Fame is still in its Dream Stage, the work of "Searching for Idaho's Treasures" continues and is very much a reality. Since 1985 over seventy celebrities from all walks of life grace the "Spirit of Idaho-Idaho's Hall of Fame". Over twenty Corporations and Businesses along with special interest groups have also been recognized.
    Sharing the "Future of Idaho", those individuals that have made her past and present something to be proud of, has been the goal of a handful of volunteers and a growing group of members. Hard work and dedication has pushed this fledgling organization forward and we welcome any and all who would like to be part of this worthwhile endeavor.
    Idaho's Future are the children of this great State...and their children's children. They need to be made aware of how hard work and perseverance can make their dreams come true.....
    THERE IS STILL SUCH A THING AS A ROLE MODEL..........we just need to look........
    The First Annual Hall of Fame Banquet
    In 1995, the Idaho's Hall of Fame Association held their first annual Hall of Fame Banquet and Induction Ceremony in Pocatello, Idaho where they officially inducted the following people into Idaho's Hall of Fame:
    * Joe Albertson
    * William Borah
    * Philo T. Farnsworth
    * Vardis Fisher
    * Chief Joseph
    * Harmon Killebrew
    * Patrick McManus
    * Harry Morrison
    * Sacajawea
    * J.R. Simplot
    * Lana Turner