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Frequently Asked Questions and Contact Information 

We hope the Idaho Hall of Fame website is providing you with helpful information about IHF and the ways the nonprofit community is working to promote the significant lives of Idaho. Some of our visitors contact us for clarification of information on the site.  Below is a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions
of this type, along with answers to them.

You can also contact Idaho Hall of Fame with your questions. 

Contact Information

Idaho's Hall of Fame, Inc.
P.O. Box 1250
Meridian, Idaho  83680


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Membership/How to get involved
Research on giving and volunteering
Value of volunteer time
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How do I nominate an Inductee to the Idaho Hall of Fame?

Anyone may nominate an individual to the Idaho Hall of Fame, which honors individuals past or present who has advanced the common good of the State of Idaho, unifying people, institutions, or causes. Nominations normally close at the end of January. More on nomination, including the exact deadline and nomination materials, are available in the Future Inductees section. The recipient is announced each summer and is honored at the next scheduled Idaho Hall of Fame Inductee Banquet.

How do I nominate an organization or business for the Idaho Hall of Fame?:

Anyone may nominate an organization or business to receive Idaho Hall of Fame recognition, which honors an organization or businesss that demonstrates a culture of investing in the people of Idaho. More on the award, including the exact deadline and nomination materials, is available in Future Inductees. The recipient is announced just prior to and is presented with the award at the next scheduled Idaho Hall of Fame Inductee Banquet.

Email/mailing list:

How do I change the email and regular mail I receive from Idaho Hall of Fame?

To add or remove yourself from Idaho Hall of Fame’s email or mailing list, Email Us with your request. If you already receive messages from Idaho Hall of Fame and would like to change your subscription preferences, send a message to

Funding/Grant resources:

Can I offer funding or grants?

Idaho Hall of Fame needs information regarding fundraising and grantmaking to assist our organization financially. We can benefit from any of your fundraising or grantmaking information that would asssit the Idaho Hall of Fame. Your cooperation and collection of fundraising opportunities is invaluable to us.

Membership/How to get involved:

How can I get involved with Idaho Hall of Fame?

Idaho Hall of Fame is an excellent statewide opportunity for staff from charities, foundations, and corporate entities to give time and resources for the preservation and honor of Idahoans who have made significant contributions to the State of Idaho.  We invite organizations of all sizes, missions, and locations to become volunteers and promote our organization. For more information about the benefits of and process for becoming a member, see our Membership page.

Individuals interested in becoming part of Idaho Hall of Fame are invited to join the Idaho Hall of Fame's Volunteer's Program


How do I obtain permission to reprint all or part of an Idaho Hall of Fame publication?

Idaho Hall of Fame permits nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and others to reprint its publications using appropriate citation methods.

How do I order an Idaho Hall of Fame publication?:

On this site is a full list of Idaho History publications available for purchase. To order email your requests to .  Idaho Hall of Fame will follow up with you to process payment. We accept payment by credit card, check or money order.  All proceeds are filed as donations to the Idaho's Hall of Fame organization.

Research on giving and volunteering:

Does Idaho Hall of Fame do research on Potential Inductees?

Idaho Hall of Fame has a library of research on past and present inductees.  Please contact us via email with your specific research inquiry, at

Value of Volunteer Time:

What is the estimated value of volunteer time? How can this be used?

Idaho Hall of Fame provides an extensive chart covering the estimated dollar value of volunteer time. This figure is based on the average wage of non-management, non-agricultural workers as determined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, increased by 12 percent increase to account for fringe benefits. Although it is only a tool, it does help show the immense value volunteers provide to an organization.

Charitable organizations most frequently use the value of volunteer time for recognition events or in their communications to show how much support an organization receives from its volunteers.

Can volunteer time be deducted from a volunteer’s income taxes?

No, time spent performing services for a charitable organization is not tax-deductible. However, mileage for vehicle use incurred while volunteering may be deductible as long as the purpose of the trip was not recreational and other criteria are met.

Where can I find out about volunteer opportunities with Idaho Hall of Fame?

Many nonprofits rely heavily on volunteers.  We recommend checking our events calendar and coordinating with us via email for your volunteer interests.

Contact Information

Idaho's Hall of Fame, Inc.
P.O. Box 1250
Meridian, Idaho  83680