Idaho's Hall of Fame, Inc.
Harry Morrison

A firm handshake, $600 cash, a great deal of determination and hard work eventually helped Harry Morrison produce projects such as Hoover Dam, Parker Dam and Grand Coulee Dam. Engineering feats known the world over.

March of 1912 saw two men, Harry Morrison and Morris Knudsen form a partnership with a knowledge of not only the workforce but in leadership as well, having worked as a timekeeper on the Minidoka Dam and for the U.S. Reclamation Service as a laborer, Foreman, draftsman and eventually superintendent. Knudsen brought to the fledgling company his expertise in horse-team handling and earth moving operations.

The young company was to become known as Morrison Knudsen Co., Inc.

Boise, Idaho was to become home base for this new endeavor. A one room office in a downtown building was the first "Department of Operations." The first job for the Morrison Knudsen Co. was a $14,000 subcontract to build a pumping station near Grand View, Idaho. This was a major undertaking realizing that the concrete for this project had to be hauled up to the site by two men, one pushing and one pulling a wheelbarrow. When the job was complete the company showed a profit of $1400 and M-K was on its way.

Throughout all the years that the Morrison Knudsen Co. has been in business and despite all of its world traveling and expansions, Boise, Idaho has remained M-K’s Headquarters. Not only has the Morrison Family given Idaho the prestige of being home to one of the largest building concerns in the world, but they gave Boise and Idaho a little piece of their own private lives by dedicating the Ann Morrison Park to Boise.

Idaho is proud of the contributions that this man and his family have made to the past, present and future of not only the state of Idaho, but to the country and the world.

Harry Morrison was inducted into Idaho's Hall of Fame in 1995 and Morrison Knudsen Co. was honored at a subsequent banquet in 1997.

By Dee Klenck