Idaho's Hall of Fame, Inc.
Robert Comstock

Robert Comstock has earned a reputation as the world's foremost designer of leather clothing and outerwear.Through the years, Robert Comstock has loved to explore, learn, and experience the splendors of Idaho.As a fashion designer of luxury clothing, he is now combining his experiences in Idaho with his travels to all parts of the world as it inspires him to create exquisite designs that have him recognized as a highly respected member of the world's fashion community.

His efforts began in 1976 as he designed from a workstation and the family's garage.Then, was some financial help from his father, he launched his business.Comstock, a fifth-generation Idahoan, resides in the Sun Valley area of Idaho, with his wife Tara, a leading fashion model who appears in the Chanel Allure and Neutrogena campaign, and sons Jackson and Will. His creativity in design is inspired by the majestic wilderness of the American Northwest.The Snake River, the forests, and dales leading into Sun Valley and the indigenous population of eagles, herons, osprey, and other birds have served as influences. From his studio overlooking this magnificent array of nature comes the natural beauty found in his designs.

Robert’s experience in design truly has evolved as his experiences evolved. In Peru, he saw interesting patterns of weaving which he would re-create in the decorative panels ofa coat. Native American cave drawings, he would recast as a printed motifs on a shirt.

Now, his design sense has developed into a method of capturing the essence and feel and presenting it in a new way to its producing award-winning designs.The texture and material he uses becomes his signature as well.His sportswear shows premium cashmeres, merino wools, and exotic alpaca and angora blends. Moreover, he just does not design with denim, his denims are specially washed and dyed to perfection, then accented with sterling silver snaps, or studs and rivets.

He uses only the softest suede and chooses leather that is both durable and comfortable to wear in any condition, and to endure the extremes of weather.He is the very essence of design, bold, stylish, classy, cultured, and very, very respected.

Robert Comstock and 3M have formed a unique alliance that embodies the best the each has to offer.The award-winning talent of Robert Comstock, whose renowned authentic American sportswear and outerwear collections feature the technology and performance of Thinsulate Ultra Insulation and Scotchgard Protection, and the renowned vision of 3M makes for a partnership that embodies a significant theme for the New Millenium: Fashion Working with Modern Technology.

During the course of his career, Comstock, who is entirely self-taught in the field of apparel design and construction, has won a number of fashion industry's most illustrious citations, including a Coty Special Men’s Wear Award and the Cutty Sark Men’s Wear Award.

By Dee Klenck