Idaho's Hall of Fame, Inc.
William Borah

William E. Borah ran away from home to become a Shakespearean actor.His first love was the theater and his training as an actor contributed to making one of the most widely known politicians in Idaho history.

From Fairfield, Illinois to Boise, Idaho, where his career in politics blossomed and he soon became known as the man to deal with.He began his political career by running for city attorney of Boise in 1891, losing the election by only three votes. By 1896, Borah was the leader of Idaho's Silver Republicans and in 1907 decided to run for the U.S. Senate.He ended up serving in the U.S. Senate for almost 33 years becoming Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Mr. Borah’s most famous endeavor, however, was as prosecuting attorney in the Haywood Trial. As lead prosecutor in the Haywood Trial William Borah handled the cross-examination of William D. Haywood and provided the final prosecution summation.Up against Clarence Darrow on the defense side, Mr. Borah gave "one of the finest summations of his life.” It was remarked that he was the only attorney not present when the jury announced its verdict.

Among some of his other acclamations was that he was partly responsible for the creation of the Department of Labor, was in opposition to the League of Nations and World Court, defended prohibition and championed the Conference for Limitation of Armaments.

William E. Borah was a colorful and dynamic personality in Idaho's History.He was inducted into Idaho's Hall of Fame in 1995.

By Dee Klenck